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clouds Private Dining


Private Dining

clouds Private Dining

Leave a lasting impression on your guests and dine with a view of the Hamburg harbor panorama in one of the most representative locations in the city.
Plan your private dining event with us high above the rooftops of Hamburg and enjoy the outstanding quality of clouds cuisine with fish, meat or a vegetarian option.
The rooms are equipped with round tables and are modularly adjusted in size according to the number of guests. They can accommodate up to 60 people. The private foyer and the adjoining roof terrace offer opportunities for champagne receptions and an aperitif together.

More variety on the table

Private dining as family food

The food concept is designed as family food for the starter and the side dishes of the main course. The different dishes are placed in the middle of the table in courses so that they are accessible to everyone. So you can enjoy the greatest possible variety and choice.
The dessert is served to you in the classic way as a plate dish.
We are happy to serve you the vegetarian alternative or the fish variant on request and need the selection in advance.


We are always at your disposal for questions and reservations.


Private Dining Menu

Beverage flat rate

Aperitif "Live Brune" Prosecco DOC frizzante | maschio | Veneto | Italy 

Soft Drinks
Water | lemonades | juices

Krombacher Pils | wheat beer 

White Wine
Pinot Gris | Matthias Gaul | Palatinate | Germany

Red Wine
Rioja Crianza | Bodegas Tarón | Tirgo | La Rioja Alta | Spain


Hot Drinks
Althaus tea & coffee specialties


Air-dried ham, butter, bread and olives

Stracciatta di Buffala
Watermelon | Heirloom tomato | pistachio | basil | mint

Sea Bass Crudo
Zucchini | radish | crispy rice | kumquats | coriander

Crunchy Market Salad
Spicy cashews | Pensato vinegar marinade | cucumber | tomato | garden cress


Marinated and Grilled Asparagus
Elderflower | buttermilk | ginger | chervil

Main Courses

Uruguay Rumpsteak

King Prawns
Chili | garlic | butter | spring onion

Green Asparagus
Riesling sauce | orange zest | chervil

Grilled Vegetables
Pepperoni | red onions | leaf parsley

Small Potatoes from the oven
Salted butter |herbs of Provence

Pepper cream sauce | Béarnaise sauce


Crunch & Cream Cake
Chocolate | nut | cherry | cassis

Balsamic Pear Cake
Caramel | chocolate | spelt

Petit Fours & Madeleines
Lime Pie | Matcha | bronze fennel