clouds - Heaven's Bar & Restaurant

clouds - Heaven's Bar & Restaurant

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clouds - Heaven's Bar & Kitchen

Together with their team, our Head Chef Eric Kröber and Kitchen Director Tell Wagner serve creative crossover cuisine of the highest culinary standard, with top-quality and seasonal products sourced from the region. The culinary focus here is on a variety of different steaks and cuts of meat. But there are also fish and meat-free dishes for our pescetarian (fish, no meat), vegetarian and vegan guests.
Feel free to take a look in the open kitchen area and watch our hard-working team busily preparing your food.
Indulge yourself with us, enjoy your stay and the panorama over Hamburg. Let our service personnel know your wishes and preferences. Please don’t hesitate to tell them about any intolerances or allergies you may have.

We wish you “Guten Appetit” and a truly divine time in clouds - Heaven’s Bar & Kitchen.