Conference rooms

Conference rooms on the 22nd floor

Facts and Figures

Alto room: 45m², for up to approx. 30 people depending on seating
Cirro room: 59m², for up to approx. 40 people depending on seating
Strato room: 35m², for up to approx. 20 people depending on seating
Heaven’s Kitchen: 63m², 16 people seated, approx. 50 people standing

Visitors can use the public car park underneath the building. After signing in, our concierge service in the foyer on the ground floor will show you to an elevator taking you directly up to the Event Level.

The exclusive conference space known as clouds Events offers four attractively designed, fully air-conditioned rooms with a foyer and a 70m2 rooftop terrace with views of the Reeperbahn. State-of-the-art technical equipment (70" LED screens, a Barco ClickShare system, Bose surround sound system) and a fully fitted professional kitchen set against Hamburg’s port panorama await you in one of the most prestigious venues in the city. Ideal for business meetings, corporate parties, incentives, get-togethers and private dining with select menus tailored to your needs and wishes.

The conference rooms on the Event Level are named according to cloud types found at various different heights: Cirro, for example, stands for the Cirrocumulus clouds often described as “cotton wool clouds”. Strato is short for Stratocumulus, the flat and smooth low-lying clouds. And Alto is an abbreviation of Altocumulus, the medium-level wispy clouds.

All rooms are fully air-conditioned and offer unparalleled views across the city.  The room sizes can be adapted depending on your guest numbers thanks to the movable yet solid partition walls. In its largest constellation when all rooms are joined together, there is space for up to 100 people.
Click on the individual rooms in the list on the left-hand side to view all the key details relating to size, height and capacity.

Conference packages including conference breaks and lunch menus can be found here. Our Conference & Event team is on hand to assist you with your enquiry.