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clouds - Heaven's Bar & Kitchen

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Welcome to clouds - Heaven's Bar & Kitchen


You can already see them from a distance, the characteristic "Dancing Towers" on the Reeperbahn. Star architect Hadi Teherani, who designed the Berliner Bogen, the Dockland building and the Europapassage, among others, designed the special skyscraper, which has been part of the structural pinnacle of the Reeperbahn since its completion in 2013. The higher south tower houses the clouds conference floor, the clouds restaurant and the open roof terrace - the clouds Heaven's Nest - on the top three floors, 89 meters to 107 meters above sea level.

  • In the heart of St. Pauli
  • Large selection of drinks
  • Panoramic view over Hamburg
  • Meeting area on the 22nd floor
  • Sustainable kitchen
  • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians
  • Parking garage in the building
  • Access to the roof terrace
  • Only card payment possible
In Hamburg's highest restaurant

Sit back, switch off, let your soul dangle. With a view over the Elbe, the harbor and the Reeperbahn, our kitchen team conjure up creative and refined dishes with regional and seasonal ingredients on your plate. Whether crisp vegan, vegetarian, seafood or tender meat cuts and dry age, what remains is your "Burning desire of return"!Our recommendation: Leave the choice of food and drinks to our service staff with confidence and experience the perfect clouds experience.

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