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Gin Tastings

Experience just how outstanding gin can taste, for example in combination with various aromas. You can look forward to discovering your very own personal GINspiration!
Once upon a time, juniper berry distillates were used as a kind of “miracle cure” for medical purposes. Nowadays gin is one of the most loved spirits of all. Gin & tonic is one of the most popular drinks the world over, but which gin should you use for the perfect gin & tonic, and which tonic water is the best one to go with it? What nuances of flavour do the various types of gin offer, and what else is available to refine your gin precisely to your liking? The answers to these and many other interesting questions await you with our bar team led by Basti Knülle, in a two-hour gin tasting session.

No. of participants: 6-10 people
Starting time: 6.00 pm

You will find all available gin tasting dates here.

American Whiskey Tastings

Whether you drink it pure, on the rocks, in combination with culinary dishes, or as a barrel aged cocktail – whiskey is an incredibly diverse drink.
If you “only” had a liking for the taste of this fine liquor up to now, the American whiskey tasting session is just right for you. The bar team, led by Bar Manager Bastian Knülle, will take you on a two-hour journey during which you will get to know the fine delicacies of good American whiskeys.

No. of participants: 6-10 people
Starting time varies

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